An executive summary of the week's need to know robotics news.

This Week in Robotics 24/03

An artificial brain made from... real mouse brains What happens when the internet is filled with infinite text Modular moon robots In hand dexterity Graphs & a Meme

This Week in Robotics

GPT-4 & how it can be applied to robots Don't worry about robot related job loss That's good because - more robots then ever One of the best memes we've seen in a while

This Week in Robotics 05.12

Why we need more robot soldiers GPTchat is a big deal (even for robotics) How Dalle-2 can help robots imagine AI’s that can read your brain

This Week in Robotics 26.11

How ants solve the traveling salesman problem Dance robots Meta’s AI wants to rule the world Humanoid robots will be worth billions

This Week in Robotics 19.11

Scary GPT-4 memes American Dynamism and its dissenters Research into helping robots to walk on rough ground, How to manipulate objects in complex ways